5 Rumors About the Galaxy Note 5 We Hope Are True

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The Galaxy Note 4 was one of the standout devices from last year. It was massive, had a beautiful display, some handy features, and an awesome stylus included. This September, Samsung will be releasing the next iteration, the Galaxy Note 5, and the rumors are already starting to paint a pretty picture.

Here are the five rumors about the Galaxy Note 5 that we are really hoping are true:

1. Huge 4K QuadHD Display


The meaning of the word “huge” in the context of smartphones has certainly changed over the years. For the Note 5, we’re looking at somewhere between around 5.9-inch display, which will probably be a size upgrade over last year’s Note 4, which had a 5.7-inch display. At some point these things will have to stop getting bigger, but so far they’ve increased it every year.

The Note 5 is also rumored to have an extremely high-resolution screen, 4k to be specific. Regardless of the specifics, you can pretty much bank on the fact that the Note 5 will have a beautiful display.

2. New High-Powered Processor

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 4.08.47 PM.png

Another shoe-in is the upgraded processor that the Note 5 will probably use. This year’s earlier Samsung release used the blazing Exynos 7420, 64-bit octa-core chipset. This was the first year that Samsung departed from Qualcomm and implemented its own chip, designed just for its devices. The Note 5 could very well use this same Samsung-made chip, but there is also a rumor that the company has an upgraded version up its sleeve.

A report from SamMobile says that the company is testing an upgraded Exynos 7422 chipset that is Samsung’s first attempt at an all-in-one solution, putting CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, and modem all in one place. It’s just a rumor, but we can’t wait to see if it comes true.

3. Premium Materials and Design


The promise of fully taking the plunge into using premium materials has been in Samsung’s book for years now. Last year’s Note 4 had a metal frame, but a plastic back, while the Galaxy S6 featured a metal frame and a glass back. Will the Note 5 follow the Galaxy S6’s lead by finally giving it a full glass unibody design?

Fans of the Note series would no doubt miss the options for expandable storage and removable battery, but Samsung is clearly hoping to make the Note 5 compete with the iPhone 6 Plus (or, more likely, the forthcoming 6s Plus) in every way, including industrial design. We’re still love for the Note 5 goes for an all-metal design similar to the HTC One M9, but we’re not getting our hopes up.

4. Huge Battery and Wireless Charging

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 1.52.21 PM.png

With the massive display the Note 5 will probably have, come rumors that the device’s battery size will be equally massive. We don’t know exactly the size yet, but working with the already battery life-extending chipset that we’re expecting, the battery life on the Note 5 should be better than many other smartphones out there. Furthermore, we’re expecting the Note 5 to come with wireless charging, which was a great feature of the Galaxy S6.

5. Android M Implementation

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 4.17.10 PM.png

This one might be more of a pipedream, but there is a rumor that the Galaxy Note 5 will come running the newest version of Android, Android M. The update will be out by the time of the Note 5’s release, unless Samsung is working closely with Google, pushing the update through won’t be easy. Last year’s Lollipop update took nearly six months to roll out to the Note 4, so it’d be great if this year’s model came packed with the newest features that Android M has to offer.