Polaroid is Working on the Snap+, the Sequel to the Popular Snap Camera

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Because Polaroid won’t re-release the beloved Polaroid camera so we can all start shaking it like a Polaroid picture again, I suppose the second best thing is the Polaroid’s instant sticker film digital camera, the Snap. It’s still not the OG Polaroid, but it’ll do.

And now, we’re about to have the Snap+. It was announced at this year’s CES as a new and improved version of the camera.

Unlike the Snap, the Snap+ has a touchscreen on the back so you can properly frame a photograph. It’s updated to a 13-megapixel resolution sensor from a 10-megapixel, can record HD video and like the current Snap, prints on ZINK paper. According to Mashable, ZINK paper is relatively affordable compared to competitor brand Fujifilm’s Instax paper, at 50 cents a print if you buy in bulk.

Meanwhile, because the real deal Polaroid film was discontinued, it can be found for $21 for eight prints on Amazon. Hence the reason why my old Polaroid 600 is progressively getting dustier on my bookshelf.