This is the Best iPhone 7 and iOS 10 Concept We've Seen Yet

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The iPhone 7 rumors are already coming in a flurry, and along with them lots of different concepts and mockups. This year’s newest smartphones from the big Apple will have a different design (as it does every other year), which is always exciting to look forward to.

One of the more interesting concept iPhone 7 videos so far was made by, which showcases a bezel-less OLED display and the removal of the physical home button. These choices are inspired by a few rumors lately, which say that Apple has patented technology that would support these features.

Even more interesting is the mockup of iOS 10. The concept video shows off what Apple might be able to do with a digital home button that functions as a way to jump to an app on the lock screen, as well as using it for swipes like a trackpad. The mockup also has a pretty cool idea on the home screen that would finally bring widgets to iOS. The iPhone 7 design is probably more likely than the iOS 10 stuff, both are pretty fun to see in action.