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The boom of the Internet has caused many aspects of our modern life to have their own small boom. Crafts have gotten huge in this last millennium. In the olden days, you used to have to purchase a craft book with a limited amount of craft ideas. And if you had questions, there was no one to call. Sharing tips, ideas, and photos, Twitter communication has streamlined, simplified and magnified craft making. Places like Etsy have allowed for professional crafters to go from selling artifacts at a school fair or local store to selling internationally and being profitable. Whether you’re trying to entertain your kid on a rainy day, save money on holiday decorations, or craft making is your zen zone, here are 10 Twitter feeds about crafts that should keep your need satiated. All feeds have a blog connected to their account that are full of fun bits.

One other common trend among these crafters? Most seem to love to talk about their love of chocolate.

1. BellaCraftsQuarterly – @BellaCraftsQ

Twitter Bio: We love crafting so much, we created a craft magazine that is FREE to view online and download. We also love to laugh, warm climates and anything chocolate.
Followers: 5,853
Need for Feed: With great practical tips, these craft traditionalists have an ample amount of ideas on all things scrapbooking, quilting, and candle decorating. The have a user friendly, free online newsletter, which is also available in print for purchase (in case you want to craft and have fun in the sun).

2. Crème De La Craft – @CremeDeLaCraft

Twitter Bio: DIY Projects Made From Everyday Objects
Followers: 1,263
Need for Feed: Written by Natalie Pirveysian, Crème De La Craft teaches how to take everyday objects already in your house and “upcycle” them into something new. With a heavy focus on home décor, this crafter shows how to take an old CD-Rom and transform it into a disco-style holiday ornament, and DVD cases into gorgeous picture frames.

3. DLTK'S Crafts for Ki – @DLTKsCrafts

Twitter Bio: Free children's crafts, coloring, worksheets, poetry, games and more!
Followers: 964
Need for Feed: With easy, inexpensive crafts made from bits pulled from your recycling bin, DLTK can be summarized in one key word when having little kids do crafts: simple. For the preschool-aged child, this feed offers great ideas to hone skills for the future crafter.

4. Shannon Madigan – @MadiganMade

Twitter Bio: The Clark Kent of craft blogging. Pharmacist by day. Creative maker by night. Teacher to fans of easy crafts & DIY décor. Advocate for simple, creative living.
Followers: 3,179
Need for Feed: For the elegant, adult crafter who loves to throw delightful parties, Madigan Made displays how to craft your own centerpieces, jewelry, invitations, and seasonal decoration. Show off a fancy home while keeping your bills low.

5. Fun Family Crafts – @funfamilycrafts

Twitter Bio: A library of fun craft tutorials for kids aged 1-18
Followers: 457
Need for Feed: A great resource for teachers and parents alike, Fun Family Crafts does the work for you by aggregating a wide array of kid-friendly activities. It teaches you how to turn that plastic Easter egg into a bee, or make that old paper plate into a butterfly.

6. DIY via CraftGossip – @CraftGossip

Twitter Bio: DIY craft news, reviews & ideas. Sewing to Knitting to Crochet. Even Edible Crafts & Polymer Clay! Get our Daily Craft newsletter at:http://bit.ly/19jnFC0
Followers: 30.5K
Need for Feed: Craft Gossip writers gets so excited about crafts, they consider it gossip. With editors dedicated to its various sections, this feed gives you a plethora of expert crafting advice, from needlework to edible crafts.

7. CraftingAGreenWorld – @CAGW

Twitter Bio: THE home for eco-friendly crafts! Reading your tweets: Becky Striepe
Followers: 3,259
Need for Feed: The part of crafting that is most fun is riddling how to make something old and seemingly useless into something new and usable. They have great tips, like how to turn an old globe (I have one with the U.S.S.R. and Czechoslovakia) into a nightlight or a clock, how to dye Easter eggs in an eco friendly way, and how not to waste too much when using printables.

8. FaveCrafts – @FaveCrafts

Twitter Bio: http://Favecrafts.com is your resource for all things craft — expert tips, free project ideas, giveaways, craft tutorials, how to videos, and more.
Followers: 19.6K
Need for Feed: FaveCrafts is for the more experienced crafter. These crafters know how to morph plastic flowers into a stunning piece of art. With about five tweets a day suggesting various projects, these artists are dedicated to the craft.

9. Pinterest – @Pinterest

Twitter Bio: Pinterest is a place to collect and organize the things you love. Need help? Check http://help.pinterest.com or follow us and tag your tweet with #pinteresthelp
Followers: 1.7M
Need for Feed: Pinterest is the end-all, be-all for crafters and crafts. For those of you who don't know, Pinterest is an online, shared pin board for ideas. It can be all sorts of things, but teachers, homemakers, and professional crafters use it to share their own ideas and be inspired by others.

10. Craft – @Craft

Twitter Bio: On duty: Haley (/hp), Laura (/lc), Andrew (/as), Arwen (/ag)
Followers: 96.8K
Need for Feed: One of the biggest craft feeds, it simply names itself “Craft,” and it’s for the most adept, intense of crafters. Linked to the magazine Make and Maker Media, this takes crafting to the next technological level. Tweets feature methods on making a geometric floating flower wreath, DIY glow-in-the-dark stars, and a globe made from matchsticks.

There you have it—a drop from an ocean (or at least a sizable lake) of good Twitter feeds for crafts. How about you, Paste readers … what are some other good Twitter feeds for people who love to craft?

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