Jennifer Aniston Causes Drama Aboard Plane

Travel Video
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Flying without a shower? The horror!

Jennifer Aniston’s new commercial for Emirates has finally aired, and it pokes fun a high maintenance celebrities.

In the commercial, Aniston wanders around looking for the shower—of course she looks flawless, no shower necessary. When the flight crew mocks and laughs at her for thinking there is a shower or bar on the dingy plane, she is awoken from her “nightmare.”

The commercial, of course, is mocking the lack of amenities on U.S. airlines.

Emirates’ A380 offers flatbed seats, shower spas and bar lounges during their flights. These features are only available in premium seating, which means their coach seating is probably a lot like every other airline’s coach seating. Basically, only people like Jennifer Aniston even know there are showers on Emirates flights.

We’re curious to see how Delta or American will respond to the insult.