You Can Soon Sail the World on Your Own Moving Island

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Some people dream of owning a private island. Others want their own yacht to sail around the world in. Good thing some Austrian designers are testing the waters with a crazy new premise: A man-made, private island that moves.

Kokomo Ailand, as Migaloo Private Submersible Yachts calls it, would be the first island in the world to move under its own power (unless tectonic plates count), and is expected to be a billionaire’s playground, featuring an elevated penthouse 260-feet high, a jungle deck with a waterfall, a helipad, a shark feeding station, and palm trees, it is an island, after all.

According to the designers, the company already has the technology to create such a moveable paradise (even if it’s at 9 mph), and company execs seem to think the island would make a perfect high-class hotel, company HQ, or casino. As for the expenses to build, rent or own, and maintain Kokomo Ailand, well, it seems too soon to discuss the numbers.

Who wants to take a guess? Tweet us your estimate or add a comment below.

Photos courtesy of Migaloo Private Submersible Yachts

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