FX Releases Teaser for Much-Anticipated Atlanta: Robbin' Season

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FX Releases Teaser for Much-Anticipated <i>Atlanta: Robbin' Season</i>

On Sunday, the official Twitter account for FX’s Atlanta unleashed a teaser for season two of the critically acclaimed hit series, Atlanta: Robbin’ Season, set to premiere on March 1.

In the teaser, viewers watch as Earn rotates throughout the booming title city by hitting the pavement (literally), soundtracked by indie-soul crooner Yellow Days’ “Gap in the Clouds.” The scenery ranges from the rough Southside to the vibrant streets of North Atlanta, to the club, to the basketball court. The trailer mimics Earn’s nomadic life in season one as he and his cousin Paper Boi are still grinding in the Atlanta music scene.

Watching the teaser just builds on the hype Atlanta and creator/star Donald Glover have built over the last year. Here’s to seeing more of Earn, Paper Boi and co.’s antics in the new season.

Watch both the new and previous Atlanta: Robbin’ Season teasers below.