Bob's Burgers Review: "Full Bars" (Episode 3.02

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<i>Bob's Burgers</i> Review: "Full Bars" (Episode 3.02

It’s almost unbelievable that Bob’s Burgers has never had a holiday episode. This being the case, there is no better place for them to start than Halloween, what with it being a perfect time to have the kids go on their own adventure and point out Bob’s refusal to wear anything other than a white T-shirt and gray sweatpants. “Full Bars” allows some of the finest material for the Belcher family in two very strong storylines that bring out how much fun Bob’s Burgers can be.

The main plot sends the Belcher children out on their first Halloween alone. Louise is Edward Scissorhands, Tina is a mummy that’s a mommy and Gene is Queen Latifah in her U.N.I.T.Y. phase. On any other show, this would be weird, but on Bob’s Burgers, it just feels natural. Their town doesn’t even really realize it’s Halloween as they receive oyster crackers, hot sauce packets and seaweed candies. The three trick-or-treaters take to King’s Head Island, where the rich people live and best of all, give full candy bars.

Meanwhile Bob and Linda have hesitatingly gone to Mort’s Halloween party, where he has spray-painted everything in his house orange and black, including his guinea pig Francis. When Mort finds Francis dead, he makes everyone stay at his party until he finds the murderer.

Everything is going great for the kids, until two kids from King’s Head Island alert them that on Halloween night, the teenagers bring out Hell Hunt, where they terrorize little kids and throw balloons of their pee at them. The three narrowly escape the teenagers, but since King’s Head Island has given them so much, like bigger candy than usual, they decide to help the unfortunate kids awaiting urine projectiles nearby.

“Full Bars” once again focuses on Bob’s Burgers’ strengths, which the show does on a more regular basis than other animated sitcoms. Having the three kids together on an adventure, especially one in a foreign land, brings some great laughs by themselves. Louise as the leader, Gene as the instigator and Tina as the one always a step behind, is such a fun dynamic that has yet to get old.

Having Bob and Linda in such an awkward situation also is equally hilarious, even if the plot is focused around a dead pet. Watching Teddy get excitable is rare, so the more agitated he becomes, the greater the humor.

After following The Simpsons’ 23rd “Treehouse of Horror” episode, Bob’s Burgers gives a refreshing look at Halloween. The show tackles how large and exciting the world can be on Oct. 31 to a child, as well as putting Bob in what could possibly be one of the worst Halloween parties in recent television history. Bob’s Burgers’ first attempt as a holiday episode is a great success and seems like a perfect fit for these always odd characters.