Exclusive: Watch as Dickinson Traps Emily’s Poems in Our Finale Sneak Peek

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Exclusive: Watch as Dickinson Traps Emily’s Poems in Our Finale Sneak Peek

While the first season of Apple TV+’s Dickinson sent it star—Emily Dickinson (Hailee Steinfeld), of course—spiraling on carriage rides with Death (Wiz Khalifa), this season, Nobody stalks her. Nobody, as in a real, human personification of the fellow, played by Will Pullen. As he follows her like a sullen shadow, Emily thrusts through the trials and tribulations of publishing her poems and the idea of fame. All the while, she’s under the influence of Sam Bowles (Finn Jones), a charming man who promises to print her poems in The Springfield Republican—but he may just seduce her instead. Tricky, tricky!

On the second season of Dickinson, our own Alexis Gunderson wrote, “Steinfeld is a magnetic performer, her sense of both comedic and tragic timing almost preternatural. But while her take on Emily was equal parts relatable and arresting from the minute she stepped into the frame in Season 1, Season 2 gives her even more to work with: namely, the question of fame, and whether or not it’s dangerous to seek it out; and also the question of love, and whether or not the world needs or deserves to know where your heart lives.”

For more Dickinson coverage, check out our Season 2 review and more. The season finale, airing Feb. 26 on Apple TV+, finds every single scrap of Emily’s poems pocketed by Sam, a dangerous concept. Watch our exclusive clip below, in which she tries to free them from his grasp:

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