The Ladies of Netflix's GLOW Return to the Ring This June

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The Ladies of Netflix's <i>GLOW</i> Return to the Ring This June

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are once again stepping between the pink ropes and locking up with one another, physically and emotionally. It’s been known that the ladies of Netflix’s pro wrestling-set dramedy GLOW were coming back for a second season, but the anticipation was finally met with a “Maniac”-tracked announcement trailer from the streaming mega-power on Wednesday.

Season one built the foundation of the fictional promotion, which is loosely based on the short-lived, all-female pro wrestling promotion of the same name. The new season finds the women dealing with the results, both positive and negative, of local fame as the promotion rises in popularity.

Beyond the ring, the continuing issues between Ruth (Alison Brie) and Debbie (Betty Gilpin) will be explored as the two get accustomed to their daily working relationship and attempt to rebuild their once-strong bond. The relationship between scuzzy-yet-lovable director Sam (Marc Maron) and his daughter, who is now living with him, will be another strong focus of the second season.

The show established itself as more than capable of telling multiple engaging stories within its vast ensemble cast, weaving relationships between characters in a way that honored and developed each to reflect the over-the-top personalities and the bonds between them that made its source material so memorable. Season two should continue that trend, and, if the first trailer is any indication, there will still be plenty of fun to be had.

Zoya, Liberty Belle, Sheila the She-Wolf and the rest of the ladies of GLOW will return to Netflix on June 29. Break out your synthesizer and check out the announcement trailer below.