Go On Review: "Do You Believe in Ghosts...Yes!" (Episode 1.05)

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<i>Go On</i> Review: "Do You Believe in Ghosts...Yes!" (Episode 1.05)

It was already known that Christine Woods signed on in July to play Ryan’s late wife in a series of flashbacks and dream sequences, so she had to appear sooner or later. Right? “Do You Believe in Ghosts…Yes!” started things off by introducing the new aspect to the show right away.

The theme of items past their expiration dates pops up not so subtly throughout the entire episode. First Ryan discusses Jerry Rice as a 49er and then, making us all sad, as a Raider. Then he’s at home trying to find some leftover food that’s not expired. He then sees his deceased wife, but runs from her appearance and thinks he’s crazy.

Of course he’s not, and the episode delves into the fact that he needs to talk to ghost Janie to see what she is trying to tell him. “Go buy new food,” she says. And when he does, then they’ll talk. It’s a simple idea that obviously means something else. However, we still get a scene at the grocery store which may be one of the stupidest ideas, but his predictable inability to shop and subsequent stalking of a gentleman who knows how to makes it work.

His arc in this week’s episode is yet again about self-discovery. Ryan knows he needs to move on, and little by little he’s making it work. A lot of people might see the same recurring plot as a problem, but I feel it is a justified repetition. After all, it’s not as if the entire show focuses on Ryan’s ability to move on. Sure it’s a recurring thing, but then the show does a nice job of balancing out Steven’s problems as well as the group’s as well.

Steven hasn’t mentioned his girlfriend in over a month, and Ryan thinks it’s because he just lost his wife and Steven doesn’t want to make him feel bad. In reality Steven was dumped and can’t get back onto the dating scene because his best friend won’t go out and wingman him. Like everything else in the show, the initial problem isn’t what’s really bothering Steven. He doesn’t necessarily want to go pick up ladies; he just wants to hang out with Ryan.

Go On uses a simple structure that might get old over time, but if they keep throwing in new ideas each week, eventually they’ll land on the right formula. Adding the bit about the group coming together to help their group leader was nice and gives us time to learn about those characters. I’d still like to see more of Ryan and the group interact outside of the sessions, but I’m sure that will come eventually. Right now the show is highlighting the right characteristics, but it’s dimly lit. Even so, I’m hopeful that this show will shake off freshman jitters and, now that it has a full season pick-up, won’t play it so safe anymore.