Jane the Virgin Review: “Chapter Twenty-Six”

(Episode 2.04)

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<i>Jane the Virgin</i> Review: &#8220;Chapter Twenty-Six&#8221;

The main plot of “Chapter Twenty-Six” is one that has been broached over and over again in television—the changing of a friendship after a baby is born. Jane’s mind has been rightly preoccupied; baby born, baby kidnapped, graduate school, family issues, two men tripping over their feet to entertain her needs and wants. Lina tries to be the best, most understanding friend in the world, except for on her 25th birthday. She is, rightfully, upset that Jane has seem to have forgotten her big day, despite the fact that Lina is always there for the baby moments—from being in charge of the baby shower, to being part of the baptism.

And Jane is upset about this too. It’s an honest portrayal of how much babies, no matter how loved they are, seem to turn things upside down. Jane does what she has to do in order to make things right, even when that means she’s hanging out on a nightclub bathroom floor, pumping and dumping breast milk, after jumping in to their “Hot in Herre” 8th grade dance routine.

And the relationship turmoil continues. Michael’s patience knows no bounds; this is a complete 180-degree change from last season, where his emotions were the prime motivation for his actions, even going so far as to working alongside Petra when it came to separating Rafael and Jane. However, Michael is more rooted in his feelings with Jane and shows more confidence in his belief that they’re meant to be. The more he investigates Sin Rostro, the more his protective instincts rise, and it shows that his love for the new mother runs deep. Michael doesn’t believe she’s a prize; he continuously steps aside to let Rafael take precedence, if it’s the right thing. Jane notices this and this week, we watch the two have another perfect ‘snow-and-kiss moment’ and it clearly rocks her world, especially compared to last week’s weaker kiss with Rafael.

Speaking of Rafael, the man continues to step up his daddy game, though the same can’t be said for the romance department. Last week, he surprised Jane with a kiss—but the woman is so conflicted, she can’t find enjoyment in it. In fact, Rafe’s pushiness creates the least-desired effect and Jane continues to pull away, romantically. It’s all frustrating for him, but alas, if he cannot be with Jane, the topic of custody must come up since he’s missing precious moments with Mateo. It almost seems like a ploy to play with Jane’s mind, though I don’t like to believe Rafael would play games with the one person who’s been completely honest with him from the start. He looks a little desperate. And just when it seems like he’s finally beginning to understand Jane’s dilemma, we reach the end of the episode, where he maybe finds out about the kiss between Michael and Jane, thanks to the baby monitor.

Stray Observations:

Jane’s first ‘Pumping and Dumping’ was a ceremonious rite of passage for a new mama. Get it, girl!

Baby monitors and nanny cams are the worst. Just think of all the secrets that have been uncovered using these inventions.

Carriage cruisers and pumping bags in a club. This is a real thing? I’m not a parent so I’m very interested in all these introductions.

Rogelio and Xo stealing Rogelio’s ex-wife’s bunnies so she can stop blackmailing him on his own show gave me great joy, especially since the blackmail material included some Scientology audits of Rogelio. They are officially the Latino Bonnie and Clyde!

Jane’s look of confusion morphing into one of intense fear within seconds was a hilarious moment. I live for Gina Rodriguez’s facial expressions.

Best Quote of the Episode:
“You look amazing. What’s your secret?” (Trainer to Lina)
“Birth control!” (Lina)

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