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It’s almost the start of another exciting month on Netflix, and as always, we can expect some brand new offerings in the TV and movies department. This March, we welcome one of the most underrated movies of the ‘90s, an overlooked Robin Williams gem, a Roger Ebert documentary, and a Flight of the Conchords-esque musical comedy that deserves more attention. There are also some heavy-hitters checking in—particularly the seventh season of Mad Men and the fifth season of Archer. We don’t have to sell you on those shows, right? Believe us: You should watch them.

Check out our featured recommendations—three movies and one TV show—and read on for the full list of this month’s new offerings.

1. Finding Neverland

Year: 2004
Director: Marc Foster
Available: March 1
Depp’s ability to tap into the mind of J.M. Barrie for this Oscar-nominated role was charming and heartbreaking. Adults that were fans of Peter Pan fought back tears of nostalgia, while youngsters watched in amazement as Barrie’s imagination came to life. The best part about Depp’s portrayal of the Scottish playwright was that there were no intricate costumes and make-up to transform him. His raw acting talent shined through and you felt as if he were really Barrie and not some caricature of him. -Adam Vitcavage

2. Patch Adams

Year: 1998
Director: Tom Shadyac
Available: March 1
Nobody’s going to argue that Patch Adams is among Robin Williams’ best movies—hell, it didn’t even make our top ten. But I will fight any so-called cinephile who tries to tell me that this affectionate tear-jerker doesn’t hold its own special value in the deceased comedian’s oeuvre. In a role that encompasses many of the actor’s real-life qualities—his heart, his energy, his hilarity—Williams shows why his film career soared while other comedians falter and fade. His ability to tap into humanity, and to fuse sadness with humor, distinguished him among his contemporaries, and will continue to do so long after new generations of comedians have come and gone.

3. Life Itself

Year: 2014
Director: Steve James
Available: March 19
Life Itself may tell the story of a remarkable life, but it’s at its most enlightening when dealing with death. Steve James’ documentary on Roger Ebert naturally chronicles its subject’s exploits, trials and triumphs as he became the most recognizable film critic in the United States. But it weaves his life story around footage shot during the last months of his life, as we see the effect his impairments and mortality have on him and his loved ones….Life Itself finds Ebert’s real heart in its present-tense story. The rest simply puts it into perspective. Ebert often professed his love for documentaries that unfold in a way the filmmakers couldn’t have predicted when production began. He surely would have loved this one. —Jeremy Mathews

4. Garfunkel and Oates, Season 1

Year: 2014
Stars: Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci
Available: March 25
Garfunkel and Oates’ relatability is arguably the crux of its charm, with ample pop culture references that any millennial can appreciate. In every episode, Kate and Riki prove to be our voices of reason—the “straight men” characters that magnify the ridiculous, banal or absurd aspects of our day-to-day lives. It’s often done at their own expense, but always under a pretense that we, as viewers, can learn through their experiences (and isn’t that the best way to learn?). Coupled with always-evolving material that tops itself each week, there’s no denying it: Each Garfunkel and Oates episode, despite a short running time, is absolute comedic indulgence. —Maren McGlashan

Avail. March 1

Patch Adams
Finding Neverland
The Brothers Grimm
Teen Witch
30 For 30: Of Miracles and Men
Mercy Rule
Monster High: 13 Wishes
Monster High: Ghouls Rule
Rules of Engagement

Avail. March 5

Food Chains
The ABCs of Death 2

Avail. March 6

Aziz Ansari Live at Madison Square Garden
My Own Man
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Avail. March 7

Archer: Season 5
Glee: Season 5

Avail. March 9

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn
Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club
After the Fall
Cesar Chavez

Avail. March 10

Monster High: Haunted

Avail. March 11

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Avail. March 15

3rd Rock From the Sun: The Complete Series
A Different World: The complete Series
Marvel & ESPN Films Present: 1 of 1: Genesis

Avail. March 17

You’re Not You

Avail. March 19

Life Itself

Avail. March 20

Bloodline: Season 1
God’s Not Dead

Avail. March 22

Mad Men: Season 7

Avail. March 23

November Man

Avail. March 25

Garfunkel and Oates: Season 1
Turn: Season 1

Avail. March 27

Trailer Park Boys: Season 9
Frankie & Alice

Avail. March 31

Ask Me Anything
The Man with the Iron Fists

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