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Outlander Season Two is coming to a close, and while we typically steer away from comparing Diana Gabaldon’s books to the Starz series, I’m breaking that rule for the moment. This video is all about the book Dragonfly in Amber, and all the things we’ve been missing.

This season of Outlander, while beautiful and full of fantastic plots, was missing something that the book always got right: the connection between Jamie and Claire. If you’ve never read the book, you may not have picked up on it, but those of us who have been longtime fans of Gabaldon’s work felt cheated.

This year on the show we saw two actual bedroom scenes, one very much like those from the first season, and one that was more implied.

That’s it! Other than cuddling and praying (all of which is fine), that’s all the intimacy we’ve seen between our heroes. This is not the Jamie and Claire fans were expecting.

This season began with Jamie suffering from PTSD as result of Jack Randall. But in the book, when they get to France, while there’s plenty of stress (because they are trying to stop a war), Jamie and Claire actually enjoy the first few months there.

Here are all the scenes (I count 16!) from the book that we could have loved to see, AKA all of the times we could have seen Jamie without his shirt on.

These scenes proved that love was not dead for Jamie and Claire. There was no trauma, and while the end of the book is full of violence, the chemistry and love remains—even after all the anger, and even after the death of a child.

Here’s hoping Book Three brings back a bit of the magic.

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