Outlander Moves “Heaven and Earth” to Keep Claire and Jamie Apart

(Episode 3.10)

TV Video Outlander

Are Jamie and Claire ever going to be together?

I mean, seriously, this is getting out of hand… I’ll still watch the show even if they are together and happy—you don’t have to leave us in perpetual suspense.

They don’t have to, but they do.

Outlander where it left off, except we see Jamie watching Claire float away, and the captain does nothing to stop it.

He argues with the captain and tries to get the ship turned around, but he ends up looking down the barrel of several guns and knife points. He’s taken down to jail on the ship.

It’s like an exact repeat of what happened 20 years ago. Claire is somewhere else being a doctor and he watched her be taken from him before being placed behind bars.

It almost felt just like Groundhog Day.

Meanwhile, Claire is annoyed that they are sailing on their own but is somewhat revered on the ship and they follow her orders. She’s got them cleaning and washing their hands in alcohol. While she is working with the captain, trying to find out where the disease started, she makes a friend, Elias.

He’s 14 and his friend dies. And they show the kid putting the final stitch in through his nose. It’s awful, but he insists, because that final stitch is always done by a friend.

Jamie continues to languish in ship jail and begs Fergus to break him free and then is very condescending to him, about how he doesn’t understand real love because he wouldn’t move Heaven and Earth.

What Claire comes to realize, though, is that the captain who has Jamie is going to turn him over to the authorities in Jamaica. She originally thought that maybe this ship had made contact with the vessel that took Ian, but Claire finds out that the tattletale is on her boat and it’s the guy with one eye. They were so sure no one would find the dead man in the creme de menthe cask, but sure enough, they do—and Jamie is on the hook for it.

Now Claire knows that they are in cahoots and trying to use her as bait to get to Jamie.

And the worst part is that her friend Elias dies and she does the last stitch through his nose. It’s awful.

She tries to escape the boat with the help of a friend on board. No GPS, no money, she just runs across the island. She’s stopped by her captain friend and she asks him to look the other way, but he won’t, so back to the ship she goes.

Jamie is finally released from prison with the help of Marsali. She brings some clarity to how Fergus feels about Jamie. He loves him deeply. He does understand real love and would move Heaven and Earth for his friend.

Which isn’t a surprise: He gave his hand for Jamie.

She and Fergus really want to get married, but they avoid sleeping together until they are actually wed. Jamie tells them there will be a priest at their wedding when they land in Jamaica.

Claire ends up in despair, but her friend Johanna comes back with another good plan. She sees the island and it’s dark. She makes Claire a raft, gives her money, and sends her overboard.

Claire and Jamie’s relationship only works when they are saving each other. I kind of wish they could learn to be average.

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