Poldark Just Couldn’t Wait to Break Our Hearts

(Episode 2.04)

TV Video Poldark

Do you remember what I said last week?

That was an understatement.

Some good things do happen in this episode, like Charlotte and the doctor have hope for their relationship, which is exciting. I mean, they just have to wait until she’s legal. What could go wrong?

I can’t even empty the brain space to think about that, though, because every thought I have is about Francis.

Now Francis and Elizabeth seem happy, but she admits to Ross that she loves him and she loves Francis. That she chooses Francis. All the while, Demelza looks on and feels inferior to Elizabeth, but really shouldn’t.

She’s self made, and she’s the one that gets to give Aidan Turner a bath. let’s not forget that.

George is still terrible and he wants to bring down Francis and Ross, and goes to his house to talk to Elizabeth and discuss the Poldark promissory note he purchased. She knows it will ruin them and tells Francis he came by.

Oh, yeah, and he told the Aunt he wants her to die. Unfortunately for him, she is going to keep on living.

In turn, Francis shows us his strength and tells off George.

The next morning, as he’s getting ready for work, he goes in and tells his son good bye for the day and I start to feel super uneasy.

Francis also discovers Copper and brings it to Demelza and they have a talk about Ross and Elizabeth and he encourages her and supports her and it’s lovely.

Again, it all feels too much like last words: By now, I’m yelling at the TV, “Don’t kill Francis!”

He ends up in the mine alone working, and the floor falls out and he falls into a deep well of water.

People miss him and the Aunt predicts doom. I’m glad that woman is not my aunt.

And they make you think that Ross is saving Francis but it’s all a big stupid lie.

Francis only dreams it. Apparently, Francis never learned to swim.

The moral of the story is take swimming lessons, and if your aunt predicts doom, stay home.

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