Start Your Engines: Here Comes RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12’s Cast

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Start Your Engines: Here Comes RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12’s Cast

Via Twitter, Drag Race Season 11 reigning queen Yvie Oddly was tasked with RuVealing the cast of Season 12, and for some reason there was a hell of a lot of plaid. Each of the show’s 13 forthcoming contestants strut down an industrial-looking runway beset by Oddly’s freak-flag-flying visage overhead. Not sure if the runway’s theme was “punk” or if the queens were taking a page out of Oddly’s book, because several queens were rocking teased hair, Westwood-esque plaid, chains and a ton of straps. Aiden Zhane started out the floor show with a Siouxsie Sioux look, leading into Crystal Methyd’s DnD-tinged, half-elf warlock get-up. Later, Nicky Doll looked like she crawled out of Kingdom Hearts’ concept art, and Rock M. Sakura stomped out in club-kid platforms (you know, those shoes judge Michelle Visage warned against wearing over five seasons ago).

Drag Race’s fandom has gained notoriety for their unwavering dedication to the franchise, with a highly active subreddit of detectives and investigators keeping their ears to the ground on updates for the show. Every single queen who appears in Season 12 has appeared on lists of rumored appearances, with the fandom keeping close tabs on the world’s supply of drag queen’s social media and public appearances.

Based on the traditional Meet the Queens video posted to VH1’s YouTube, it seems like the season will indeed be filled with off-kilter weirdos following in former winner Yvie Oddly’s (dinosaur) heels. “I’m an oddball,” North Carolina’s Heidi N’ Closet admits. Atlanta’s Aiden Zhane hilariously describes her drag as being the intersection of “Judge Doom from Roger Rabbit and the alien from the movie Species,” a reference so specific yet so resonant when you get a peek at her unique drag styling. Many also cite anime as an influence, including Nicky Doll, Dahlia Sin and Rock M. Sakura.

The season will feature queens from major cities all across the United States, with four representatives from New York City and two from Los Angeles. NYC’S Nicky Doll is currently based in the Big Apple, but is of French origin, showcasing her accent in her Meet the Queens. The cast includes several queens who have had significant followings for some time, including New York’s Sherry Pie, who notably hosted NYC’s 2016 Pride, and Dahlia Sin, who belongs to Season 9 fan favorite Aja’s house. NYC’s Jan notes Season 9’s Alexis Michelle is her drag mother, having met after bonding over Kris Jenner.

You can view the Season 12 RuVeal clip and cast list below. Each queen’s personal Meet the Queens video is also available on VH1’s YouTube channel. The show premieres Friday, Feb. 28, on VH1.

Aiden Zhane, 29 – Atlanta, GA
Brita Filter, 34 – New York City, NY
Crystal Methyd, 28 – Springfield, MO
Dahlia Sin, 28 – Los Angeles, CA
Gigi Goode, 21 – Los Angeles, CA
Heidi N. Closet, 24 – Ramseur, NC
Jackie Cox, 34 – New York City, NY
Jaida Essence Hall, 32 – Milwaukee, MI
Jan, 26 – New York City, NY
Nicky Doll, 28 – New York City, NY
Rock M. Sakura, 28 – San Francisco, CA
Sherry Pie, 27 – New York City, NY
Widow Von’Du, 30 – Kansas City, MO

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