The Affair Review: Watching Noah Self-Destruct Is No Substitute for Drama

(Episode 3.07)

TV Video The Affair

Did that just end in a rape?

This is how I’m going to watch from now on.

The writers return to their original format in this episode, with the same day seen through Noah and Helen’s perspectives.

However, when one of the perspectives is completely drug-addled, there is nothing true in it. The only thing I learned from Noah’s story is about the abuse he suffered at the hands of his prison guard. He’s suffered so much trauma, in fact, that he just can’t stop fixating on it (with the help of his Vicodin-fueled state).

Helen’s story is the one where we found some semblance of plot, and it’s basically that she feels guilty about what Noah did to protect her from jail, and that Dr. Ullah has moved out of her house because of her attachment to Noah.

Seriously though, what is the point of this season?

Is it to find out if the prison guard is following Noah?

Is it to figure out who stabbed him?

That’s part of the problem. This is a mystery show, yet I’m not sure what mystery we are trying to solve. It feels more like watching Noah self-destruct.

Which is what Helen says to him in this episode. I honestly think that is what we are watching. The horrors of drugs. And what goes wrong when someone takes the punishment for a sin they didn’t commit.

It was a noble thing for Noah to do, to try to protect Helen, but now they are just hurting each other, with no hope in sight.

Whitney and Furkat are a couple. We don’t know how Alison and Cole play into this at all. There is just nothing to hook you in, unless you want to watch four people have sex with varying partners. It’s almost like they are secret swingers. Maybe they shouldn’t keep that a secret anymore.

Give us a story. Give us a mystery. Or put an end to this madness.

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