The Honourable Woman Review: “The Hollow Wall”

(Episode 1.07)

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<i>The Honourable Woman</i> Review: &#8220;The Hollow Wall&#8221;

Just when it all seemed to make sense, everything has changed.  The relationships that seemed the most secure, are now about as promising as a “Hollow Wall.” Appropriately titled, as what ever we thought we knew has blown up in our faces—literally and metaphorically. The explosion in Hebron might leave Nessa and Frances for dead. Is it possible that Hugo Blick would kill off Nessa before the finale? I would usually think that highly unlikely. But because there will not be a second season of The Honourable Woman, it is quite possible. And still, it seems odd that we will soon bid adieu to this groundbreaking drama.

First, Monica who has been a character in the shadows, became much more relevant during this episode. Are Monica and Samir Al-Zahid on the same team? What is Monica doing talking to the man who raped Nessa last episode? Did she orchestrate the rape? One thing seems certain, Monica probably should not be trusted. Hugh warns Nessa of this, to which she responds, “Why should I trust a spy?” 

I think that Hugh’s declaration that Schlomo is the only person who can be trusted solidifies the idea that Schlomo is one of the good guys. But, then again, this show makes me doubt everyones integrity. Case in point, Atika.

In what appears to be an act of love, Atika and Ephra elope to the Stein’s second home. Drama ensues when Rachel follows them to the house. However, what follows is not quite the lovers quarrel I was expecting. Atika screams at Rachel to move, and Ephra is shot through the window. Ephra Stein is dead, which means that the Stein Group is no longer compromised.

Other thoughts on “The Hollow Wall”

Atika is in cahoots with Saleh Al-Zahid, as she clearly arranged for him to shoot Ephra. Does that mean Nessa was in on the plan? Or has Atika been on the opposing team all along? And does that mean the Gaza kidnapping was just part of a clever ruse? This episode took everything I thought I had figured out, and just ripped it to shreds.