Watch: The Leftovers Season 2 Promo

TV Video The Leftovers
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Season one of HBO’s The Leftovers was an eerie look at the after-effects of a worldwide tragedy that inexplicably wiped out 10 percent of the human population. It was a study of how we grasp for meaning in the face of the inexplicable, and how it breaks us down despite our best efforts. Some critics dismissed the show after a weak episode early in the season, but it continued to gain momentum and became a surprisingly great offering from a channel that rarely seems to miss these days.

Today, a new promo for season two promo has been released, which you can watch above. It’s only a minute long, but it presents an intriguing vignette: A highway full of cars, backed up for miles, all trying to reach a Texas town where none of the citizens “departed” on that infamous day. The search for answers continues.

The Leftovers will be back this fall on HBO.