The OA Season Two Begins Filming in January

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The OA Season Two Begins Filming in January

Sci-fi Netflix series The OA certainly provoked reactions of intrigue and confusion, with the first season ending on a cliffhanger that was particularly controversial. According to the show’s co-creator and star Brit Marling, a year after the first season first hit the streaming service, “Part II” of the series will begin filming next month.

The second season will again consist of eight episodes, with an unknown release date. The tweeted picture has Marling, who portrays protagonist Prairie Johnson, aka the titular “OA,” sitting in front of the eight episode scripts. The title for the first episode can clearly be read: “Angel of Death.”

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After the OA was struck by a stray bullet from an attempted school shooting, this first episode of Part II will likely reveal her ultimate fate and the consequences of the last season’s finale.

Check back with Paste when we find out more about the premiere date of The OA Part II, and read some of our thoughts on the show here.

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