True Blood Review: “We’ll Meet Again” (Episode 5.04)

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<i>True Blood</i> Review: &#8220;We&#8217;ll Meet Again&#8221; (Episode 5.04)

After four full seasons, it looks like the honeymoon is finally over.

True Blood’s spunky blonde heroine is famous for getting into supernatural trouble. She consistently runs with the wrong crowds, trusts the wrong people, but somehow manages to survive even the most deadly of situations—a feat that her friends are starting to really take note of. But “We’ll Meet Again” is the first time it’s been spoken of openly, and the general feeling isn’t exactly great.

If you hadn’t already guessed, Tara isn’t vampire goo. For making such a drastic leap with her, the show’s writers have yet to do anything truly interesting with the character. Tara finally changes her clothes, and like many of the others, voices her disdain for Sookie’s knack for survival. “She’s always safe,” says Tara. “There’s always some fool that will take a bullet for her.” And though Tara is unknowingly leading the hate-train, it’s not a totally unforeseen remark by Sookie’s former best friend. After all, angry Tara is angry.

The bigger surprise is Lafayette, who has a few choice words for Sookie. His anger doesn’t end there, as Lafayette once again launches into evil Harry Potter mode with his dark magic. The troll-face, as we’re calling it, has reared its head a few times already, but each encounter is becoming progressively worse. But with that power, one has to wonder: will Lafayette try to completely rid himself of it, or will he learn to use it? We haven’t forgotten that Lafayette possesses spiritual power as well, though he currently lacks the means to control it. We’d love to see him rein it in, rather than go through something like Tara’s exorcism in the show’s early seasons.

Eric and Bill are officially on the hunt for Russell Edgington, but it’s slow going. While they check in on their progenies and search for information leaks, Sookie begins to feel the effects of her Debbie/Tara related-actions. Once again, the entire town is crowding up her thoughts with disapproval. Guilt-ridden, she makes a weak attempt at confession-and-arrest, fails, and like so many of us on a Friday night, decides to get drunk and sing to no one.

A few smaller threads make their way into the plot’s mix, but many of them are still too brief to be of real interest. A few of Sam’s shifter friends make an appearance, before ending in tragedy; Jessica resolves the Debbie Pelt case for good; and Terry continues chasing down old war buddies and stereotypical flashbacks.

The show’s best moments arrive as the episode begins to draw to a close. A check-up with the Authority reveals that all is not well here. A traitor has been found in their midst, and the reveal and execution of said Benedict is exactly what makes True Blood great. The show has no fear, no regard for what might offend, and simply does what it pleases. While viewers regroup from what is easily one of the best moments of the season yet, Jason and Andy take a trip to mysterious party. The fairies have returned, and they come bearing storyline gifts. Cousin Hadley has returned, and her slip about the death of Jason and Sookie’s parents opens up new questions in a mystery that was never fully explained.

“We’ll Meet Again” is half heartfelt and humorous, half typical True Blood insanity. Sookie’s vampire-themed rendition of the “if you like Pina Coladas” song is great, and the Alcide/Sookie scenes that follow begin to satisfy so much of the buildup viewers have slogged through. Moments like the rare sweetness of Pam and Eric’s exchange, or even Bill’s affection for his “daughter” are moving in their own right. Even Debbie Pelt’s death, so very much a win for viewers, becomes tragic when Alcide and Debbie’s parents share their grief. It reminds viewers of the emotion they have invested in certain characters, as well as the show’s ability to tug those strings at will. But True Blood loves to shock and surprise, and it seems the show is finally feeling up to the task once more. Let’s see those fangs.

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