Watch the Horrific Trailer for Fox's The Exorcist Series

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The Exorcist has long been hailed as one of the scariest films of all time. Will the new Fox series based on the 1973 film live up to, or even surpass, its predecessor in the horror department? Based on the new trailer that premiered at Comic Con, we can say that the chances are leaning in the remake’s favor.

In the new series, which was confirmed back in May, Geena Davis stars as Angela Rance, who is convinced that her daughter is possessed by demons. She invites two priests into her home in an attempt to exorcise the evil spirits from her child.

Producers said that the series will be like FX’s Fargo franchise, taking place in the same universe but standing on its own. Executive producer Jeremy Slater also said that the remake will draw from the 1973 film but also from consultations with priests who had conducted their own exorcisms.

The Exorcist will air on Fox on Sept. 23. Watch the chilling trailer above.