Display Advertising Specs

Including specs for our custom page skin as well as Wide Skyscraper, Medium Rectangle, Half-page, Mobile Leaderboard, and Billboard

Specs Details
Ad Unit Sizes 728x90, 160x600, 300x250, 300x600, 320x50, 970x250
Max File Size 200KB (gif or jpeg)
Animation Length 15 seconds max
Max Loops 2
File Requirements None, other than the maximium file size specified

Page Skin

Specs Details
Skin Dimensions 1419x1300 pixels click here for sample
Active Content Page Width 1079
Approximate Page Fold 1024x768
Key Branding Elements 1300x600
Display key branding, messaging, and CTA above the 600 pixel mark

Rich Media Specs: Expandable Leaderboards (including video)

Specs Details
Ad Unit Sizes 728x90
Initial Load Max File Size 35k 
Max File Size 100k (does not include video streams)
Animation Length 15 seconds in initial ad unit. 30 seconds within panel
Max Loops 2
Audio Option If video auto starts, audio must be OFF.
If video starts from user initiation, audio can start ON.
Mute button is required.
Audio Limits

30k download (up to 4 more streams upon user initiation)
Audio encoded at volume less than or equal to -12db.
Audio may not loop or exceed 30 seconds.
Looping/replays must be user initiated.

Video Option Video may autostart or be user initiated.
STOP button required. Replay button recommended.
Looping/replays must be user initiated.
Max Video Dimension Aspect ratio is 4:3 and can fit within the expanded panel.
Max Bits Per Second 550 kbps
Max Video Length 30 Seconds
Max Expanded Panel Width  728
Max Expanded Panel Height  300 (includes the original 90 of the original banner)
Max Number of Panels 4
Expansion Direction Down
"Hot Area" Dimensions 182x90 max (1/4 of the original 728x90 portion)
Expand/Collapse Options Rollover to Expand: Must collapse when user rolls off.
Click to Expand: Collapse upon roll off, or click to close.
Close Button Required. Must have "Close X" text. Font: 16 pt.
Location: Any corner of the expanded portion of ad.
Min Close Button Size 20x20