Eve Peyser – Comedy

Paste Studio NYC (New York, NY), 04/17/2017

Comedy Video Eve Peyser

By day Eve Peyser writes about politics for Vice; by night she tells jokes on stages in clubs and bars and, perhaps, other locations as well. Sometimes. They call it stand-up and she certainly does it, as she proved at the Paste Comedy Night at the Paste Studio in the Paste office in New York this past April. Don’t let the politics define your impression of her, though; as she says right at the top of her set, she does NOT want to do her comedy about politics at all. (That’s a refreshing stance in this, the age of politics overtaking all.) Instead, she wanted to talk about love, and specifically read a love poem about her boyfriend, which she skillfully ties in to Alex Jones and Shark Tank (her favorite TV show). Peyser draws you in with her sardonic, understated delivery, rewarding your patience and attention with a fine performance. Watch it above and then go read her thoughts on Twitter.

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