Objects of Their Affection: Five Musicians and the Instruments They Love

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Amanda Palmer & the Kurzweil

Amanda Palmer_objects_400x537.shkl.jpg A longtime fan of the composer of The Threepenny Opera, Palmer has rearranged the letters on the front of her Kurzweil PC3 keyboard to read, “Kurt Weill.” Palmer—half of cabaret-punk duo The Dresden Dolls, and more recently on the road in support of her solo debut—was concerned that the Kurzweil people “were going to ask me to stop changing the letters on the keyboard, but they were like, ‘No, no, no, go ahead and do it. It’s totally rock ’n’ roll, and we love it!’” And yet, while she’s grateful for the Kurzweil’s durability (“it takes a beating gratefully,” Palmer laughs), she’s never entirely gotten over the Steinway of her youth. “That piano and I went through hell and back together when I was a teenager. I learned how to play on it, I composed all my early songs on it, I went to it in times of need and solace. I think my heart is still tangled up in the strings of that original piano.” (Click on image to view full size.)

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