George W. Bush and Jesus Top Wikipedia’s List of Most Edited Articles

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Tomorrow, Jan. 15 will mark 15 full years of an ever-expanding digital archive of the world’s biggest and smallest events, people, cultures, and more. Wikipedia is honoring its decade and a half of existence by releasing a list of the site’s most edited articles ever.

Pages included in the ranking range from celebrities and countries to historical figures and the website itself. Former President George W. Bush sits in the number one spot with 45,862 edits, followed by the likes of Michael Jackson, Jesus, President Obama, the Catholic Church, current World Wrestling Entertainment employees and deaths in 2013.

Wikipedia’s All-Time Most Edited Pages
George W. Bush – 45,862 edits
List of WWE Personnel – 42,963 edits
United States – 35,742 edits
Wikipedia – 33,958 edits
Michael Jackson – 28,152 edits
Catholic Church – 26,421 edits
List of Programs broadcast by ABS-CBN – 25,188 edits
Jesus – 25,084 edits
Barack Obama – 24,708 edits
Adolf Hitler – 24,612 edits
Britney Spears – 23,802 edits
World War II – 23,739 edits
Deaths in 2013 – 22,529 edits
The Beatles – 22,399 edits
India – 22,271 edits

The website has also shared a more detailed list of the top edited pages for each year, helping to chart the biggest annual issues and stories.

The various data sets suggest that users are most invested in political, historical and pop culture related topics. Yearly deaths are also the most consistently edited pages over time, although weather aficionados and obscurities deserve honorable mention.

Earlier this month the online collaborative encyclopedia released its annual list of 20 most edited articles, which sang a significantly different tune than the list covering a decade and a half of content. 2015’s topics were far less people heavy, and included the Geospatial Summary of the High Peaks/Summits of the Juneau Icefield, the Charlie Hebdo shooting, the complete list of Bastien and Henry Prigent works, the 2015 Pacific hurricane season, and Jurassic World.

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