Watch a Clip from Adam Sandler's New Comedy Special

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Watch a Clip from Adam Sandler's New Comedy Special

It’s 2018 and Adam Sandler has a new stand-up special. What the hell?

Sandler hasn’t released one of these since 1996. Our interns weren’t even born then. In the ‘90s Sandler was known more for comedy albums that combined sketches and songs than stand-up specials, but he hasn’t even released one of those in over a decade. He’s been a movie-only kinda guy since before George W. Bush was reelected, so the fact that he has a new special, 100% Fresh, out today means that either he suddenly had a strong urge to get back to his roots or maybe someone dumped a mountain of cash at his doorstep to make it possible. And since 100% Fresh is on Netflix, I think it’s pretty obvious which one it is.

What does Adam Sandler’s stand-up look like in 2018? Well, he released a clip today through his Twitter page, and, uh, well, take a look! It’s a song (of course) about, well, an Uber driver with poor hygiene. He sort of raps on it. I can’t tell if he’s going for Migos-style triplets, or what—it’s entirely possible (and I know how shocking this might sound) that Adam Sandler is somehow not a very good rapper. If you were super into “Piece of Shit Car” back in middle school you might feel a bit of a nostalgic glow while watching this thing. I won’t lie: A previous appreciation for Sandler and his particular comedic voice might be needed to fully enjoy this clip.

Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh is now streaming on Netflix.