Donald Trump Impressionist Anthony Atamanuik Reads Trump’s Crazed Letter to Nancy Pelosi

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Donald Trump Impressionist Anthony Atamanuik Reads Trump’s Crazed Letter to Nancy Pelosi

So hey, if you missed the news: our president is goldarn crazy.

Earlier today Donald Trump sent a defiant, unhinged, utterly incoherent letter to Nancy Pelosi about his impeachment. It’s yet another one of those things that’s shocking for a president to do but completely unsurprising for Donald Trump to do—like almost everything he’s ever done during his presidency. It’s basically six pages of his twitter feed from the last few weeks, defending Trump against the impeachment charges in the flopsweatiest way possible, repeating his tired attacks against the Democrats and the “deep state,” and once again stating that Trump is getting it worse than the young women who were tortured and murdered during the Salem Witch Trials. The whole thing reads like a methhead’s transcript of any random Hannity segment.

Fortunately you don’t have to read it. I mean, obviously—you’re free to do whatever you want, and at this point all reading Trump’s entirely meaningless communications will do is remind you why you’re sad all the time. But instead of reading it you can now listen to it in its entirety, and in Trump’s own voice, too—or at least in Anthony Atamanuik’s perfect recreation of it. The star of Comedy Central’s The President Show, and one-half of the Trump vs. Bernie debate tour with James Adomian, Atamanuik rushed to record the entire letter today, and posted the ersatz audio book to his twitter page. It is absolutely worth a listen, even if you are understandably as exhausted with jokes about Trump as you are the man himself. We’ve embedded the thing below, and take this as a reminder that you should be following Atamanuik if you aren’t already.

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