Kroll Show: “Oh Armond”

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Kroll Show: “Oh Armond”

This week’s Kroll Show was kind of a let down. There were some funny moments, but I think it suffered from, as the title let on, a Dr. Armond overload. Whenever I watch a sketch starring Armond, the pet plastic surgeon—who is now facing a murder trial—it feels as though my face has undergone extreme surgery. During these sketches, I, like Armond, lose the ability to express emotion—including laughter.

It’s a funny idea, but there’s something missing. Armond is a freakishly blasé character and his life is so bizarre. Perhaps the conceit would be better served by having a super normal and active foil (maybe this will bear out in the weeks to come). This week, Ike Barinholtz guest stars as Armond’s lawyer, but he barely has any lines and it seems like a waste of his talent.

The “Rich Dicks” sketch, however, was pretty funny. Amy Poehler guest stared as Wendy’s sister Winnie who recently changed her name to “Heath.” Kroll, Jon Daly and Poehler really nail ambivalent, vacant prickishness. It’s also fun to try and guess into which words they’re going to insert a redundant letter “r.” For example Daly announces he’s going to “pruke” rather than “puke.” For some reason this tickles me. Here’s hoping for more weirded out laughs next week.

Highlights are below:

1. “Rich Dicks” housekeeper Consuela, played deadpan genius Tonita Castro, dressed as Dick Tracy during the party scenes.

2. The expression on Chico the chihuaua’s face after it looks into Dr. Armond’s eyes.

3. Nick Kroll learning his makeup artist also works with porn stars.

4. The following between-sketches exchange between Poehler and Kroll:

“Let’s just keep this really casual.”
“No problem. I was third runner-up for most casual in my high school.”
“What happened to the other two kids?”
“They wanted it less.”

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