Kroll Show: “Bounce”

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Kroll Show: “Bounce”

This week’s Kroll Show was like a good high school house party. There were plenty of highs and lows and it made you a little bit sick. Also, there was a lot of ‘90s style R&B. The episode was heavy with my two least favorite characters: Dr. Armond, the pet plastic surgeon, and C-Czar of “Dad Academy. “ Yet, the guest star performances this week gave those weak sketches a boost, most notably Laura Dern as C-Czar’s mom. This one is worth a watch for her alone.

Dr. Armond is now on trial for the murder of his wife. Ron Funches as Ron Funches defended him against Jenny Slate as District Attorney Ruth Diamond Phillips, which is an inspired pairing even if the trial sketch was a little bit boring and too much like watching the actual OJ Simpson trial. I am looking forward to Dr. Armond getting off so this sketch will progress in some direction that gives us a lot less of that character. Perhaps a show about his son joining the army?

The standout sketch was definitely “The Ballad Of Bobby B: A Musical Hip-Hopera.” Chelsea Peretti was back again as Farley, the on-again off-again flame of MTV Jersey Shore-type Bobby Bottleservice. Farley records her new album “Bounce” with the help of Bobby and his new friend Trippy D, played with the usual understated perfection of Craig Robinson. While the sketches were hit-and-miss, this week was definitely entertaining and a big step up from last week.

Some Highlights:

“I’m dedicated to being the best trainer I can in long beach.” – Brody Stevns as C-Czar’s trainer

??“Paramore is like a cool band” – C-Czar mid-workout

??“I peed my pants in first grade and they were corduroys.” – Brody Stevens consoling C-Czar who is embarrassed of not being able to swim, despite having been born in toilet water.??

“I thought I told you I never wanted to see your face again! And yet here it is…your face… again.” – Bobby Bottleservice to Farley

??“I wish I could be Nick Cannon to you.” – Bobby Bottleservice on Farley’s singing career??

“I love bangles I’m not doing it today ‘cause court.” – Farley on earrings

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