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Paste Studio NYC (New York, NY), 05/24/2016

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You’ve read Lane Moore in Cosmopolitan, where she’s the sex and relationships editor, and at The Onion, where she writes, y’know, Onion-style jokes. You probably follow her on Twitter, where she’s a recognized champ and heavily likable presence. Perhaps you’ve heard her in the band It Was Romance, where she’s the singer and frontperson. You’ve maybe seen her live comedy show, Tinder LIVE, where she and other comedians see what the hook-up app has to offer. Maybe you’ve even read our profile on Lane from last year. The point is, there are many reasons you might be familiar her, and now we’d like to present one more for you through the magic of streaming internet video.

Lane Moore stopped by the Paste Studio in New York last month for a bit of stand-up. Because, yes, she’s a stand-up comedian, too, and a very good one. She’s also the world’s foremost expert on Robin Thicke lyrics; her probing, in-depth critical analysis of the lyrics to his song “Dreamworld” isn’t just a fine piece of comedy, but a genuine public service. It’s the backbone of this great set, where Moore also talks about sex and relationships and a lot of other business that has absolutely nothing to do with Robin Thicke.

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