Reminder: Fight Choreographers Aren’t Real Fighters

Comedy Video Matza Pizza
Reminder: Fight Choreographers Aren’t Real Fighters

Much like the actors in a movie are not actually the characters they play, the fight choreographers for action movies are not actually fighters. Sure, maybe some of them have some fight experience—what else are MMA champs to do when they’re too old for the Octagon?—but that doesn’t mean they can waltz freely through the most Death Wish of 1970s urban hellscapes without fear. When real deal street toughs light upon even the most realistic of fight dancers, the smart money is on the guy with the chain and priors. Also, if you’re working on a film set that will involve scenes of simulated violence, maybe make sure you practice that stuff out in advance? We’re not just concerned in the abstract: unintended contact is a real danger for any working actor. Don’t take our word for it, though: check out sketch group Matza Pizza’s latest video, “Fight Call PSA,” where they explain the importance of being prepared.

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