Watch This Vicious, Animated Comedy Set Mocking Spirit Airlines

Comedy Video Spirit Airlines
Watch This Vicious, Animated Comedy Set Mocking Spirit Airlines

If you know someone who’s flown Spirit Airlines, then you probably know someone who has a terrifying story about Spirit Airlines. So it is with purveyors of any bargain bin-valued service, but doubly so for one as complicated as flying from one city to another in a giant metal tube. Much is often made of Spirit’s particular shortcomings, such as the fact that they charge you exorbitant fees for every conceivable “luxury,” such as bringing a single carry-on bag aboard, in order to make up for the comparatively lower ticket prices. Truly, to be a Spirit flyer is to be utterly desperate to save a few dollars.

Enter, Los Angeles comedian Brent Pella. Being a starving comic (presumably), it’s easy to see how the siren lure of Spirit’s cheap rates would be appealing when you’re trying to make a living as a performer. However, let’s just say his experiences with the airline were … disconcerting, to say the least. In a short new piece of animation, Pella details his hilarious dissatisfaction with Spirit, comparing the company to “the Motel 6 of the sky,” where even the roaches feel like they’re getting a short shrift. He recounts the story of one particular flight where the flight attendant did little to instill confidence when she noted that there was a “weight distribution issue” that would require certain passengers to move to the back of the plane. When asked if the issue had been taken care of, her reply is the last thing you want to hear: “We’ll see!”

It’s a good piece of comedy, but the eye-popping animation really drives the piece home—credit on that one goes to animator Karli Melder, of

Check out the full bit above, and remember: Stay far, far away from Spirit if at all possible.

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