Exclusive: Meet Two of Assassin Nation’s Unforgettable Hired Killers

Kyle Starks & Erica Henderson’s Skybound/Image Comics Series Launches in March

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Exclusive: Meet Two of <i>Assassin Nation</i>&#8217;s Unforgettable Hired Killers

Ensemble casts live and die by the strength of their individual members, and with characters like David Bowie Knife, Rumble Deathpatch, and Wintergreen comprising Assassin Nation’s nation of assassins, how can you not be looking forward to this upcoming series? Written by Rock Candy Mountain cartoonist Kyle Starks and drawn by The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl artist Erica Henderson, Assassin Nation assembles 20 of the world’s finest hired killers to protect their new boss: the world’s former greatest hitman. Shocking though it may seem, killing a metric ton of people can earn you more than a few enemies, and this motley crew must (attempt to) work together not just to safeguard their target, but to uncover who’s trying to kill him in the first place.

Assassin Nation launches March 13th from Skybound and Image Comics, but Paste has an extra-special early interview for the book—not with Starks or Henderson, but with two of Assassin Nation’s more, uh…colorful cast members. Meet F*ck Tarkington and Meat Stick below, and be sure to track down the rest of the cast at some fine friendly comic sites: Monkeys Fighting Robots and The Beat have interviews up now, and Multiversity Comics and Syfy Wire will join us tomorrow and Wednesday, respectively.


F*ck Tarkington Portrait by Erica Henderson

F*ck Tarkington

Paste: What do you have against wearing shirts?

F*ck Takington: Overall straps count as a shirt!

Paste: How did you get your start as an assassin?

F*ck Tarkington: Well, when I was a little kid there was an issue with the neighbor and his dog, but that’s a different thing. I got my start when I was a bit older and someone said, “someone should really do something about old Mister Owens and how he treats his wife,” and I found I had a real knack for sorting problems like that. After a while, you figure out how to turn your skills into a business. That’s what they call the monetization.

Paste: Favorite song of all time?

F*ck Tarkington: Well, when my daddy was coming up for names he took quite strong from Johnny Cash’s “Boy Named Sue” and I’ve always had a soft spot for the Man in Black, but I think probably my favorite is “Fist City” by Loretta Lynn.

Paste: 4. Bishop, Dave, Fernando. Kiss/marry/kill?

F*ck Tarkington: Oh gosh, pal. I don’t know. I’ll tell you right off the bat, though, that Fernando is a bad guy. He don’t care about no life or no one but himself. So I’d kill that fella for sure. I’m real fond of Dave and Mr. Bishop. They’re good folks. I’d think I’d have to give Mr. Bishop a kiss and marry Dave. I sure like that Dave. He’s an alright fella.

Meat Stick Portrait by Erica Henderson

Meat Stick

Paste: How did you get into this line of work?

Meat Stick: Grunt.

Paste: Who’s the first person you killed for money?

Meat Stick: Grunt.

Paste: Kiss/marry/kill any of the Top 20?

Meat Stick: Grunt.

Paste: Favorite song of all time?

Meat Stick: Grunt.

Assassin Nation #1 Cover Art by Erica Henderson

Assassin Nation Promo Art by Erica Henderson

Assassin Nation Promo Art by Erica Henderson

Assassin Nation Promo Art by Erica Henderson

Assassin Nation Promo Art by Erica Henderson