Five Beer Runs That Pair Hops With Cardio

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Two things that you may not think go well together are actually a great pair: running and beer. Don’t believe us? Check out this scientific fact: beer hydrates you before, during and after exercise. Yeah, it’s science. You can’t argue with science. A number of tour companies and race directors are beginning to recognize the natural awesomeness of the running/beer sandwich, and are offering running tours with brewery stops and races with beer themes. Running and beer. It’s like peanut butter and jelly for adults. So grab your favorite running shoes and a beer coozy, because we found five of the best beer runs in the U.S.

1. The Great American Beer Run
The Great American Beer Run is a race series offered in a number of cities that offers relatively short distances (between two and three miles), live music and craft beer stations scattered throughout the course. Each race focuses on the city’s local brews, and a percentage of the proceeds are donated to a a local charity. The icing on the cake is that they encourage you to wear your funkiest costumes and bring your game face.

2. City Running Tours: Brooklyn, Boston & Austin
Although there is no beer actually offered during this running tour, you get to take a four-mile run throughout Williamsburg, New York over the course of an hour and fifteen minutes. Along the way you will check out important landmarks such as the waterfront, and hip venues like the Knitting Factory. The tour ends at Brooklyn Brewery where you get to guzzle a pint of delicious beer and see where it is made.
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Harpoon Brewery Running Tour
This is Boston’s version of the City Running Tour. The featured brewery is Harpoon, the oldest in Boston, which proudly boasts the commercial brewing license granted after prohibition. Key stops along the way include Cheers (yes, that Cheers), and the resting place of the Samuel Adams. After you run, you return to Harpoon for a pint.
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Austin’s Drinking Duathalon
The Austin, Texas Drinking Duathlon is a bit different from other City Running Tours offerings. For instance, it’s a BYOB event. You start out in downtown Austin at Luke’s Locker, then take a three-mile loop run around the city before loading onto the Pub Crawler (a bus for drunk folks), and popping into a handful of local bars to celebrate your victory.

3. Will Run For Beer Race Series
With a name like “Will Run For Beer,” you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. The series consists of seven different events (each with a different beer theme to it), and courses filled with beer stops. If you complete five events in the series, you get a sweet “Will Run For Beer.” The races range from a 5K to a half marathon, with locations spread across New England, and a series finale at Smuttynose in Massachusetts. Registration closes on January 31, so be sure to sign up for your events soon.
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4. Tap ‘N Run
Tap ‘N Run is all about fun and beer. Dress up in a ridiculous outfit and get ready to have the time of your life. The distance is 2.5 miles with chugging stations at the start and finish line. You can actually indulge in a frothy beer as you mosey down the course. Once completed you get a medal that’s also a bottle opener (handy) You can also compete for awards like Best Mustache and Best Belcher.
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5. Blood, Sweat and Beers
Blood, Sweat and Beers is an off-road race that’s perfect for beginner trail runners looking to score a hoppy brew and tasty barbecue at the finish. Choose from the short or long course, both of of which offer beautiful California scenery and wildlife. Enjoy the after party and drink your well-deserved beer with pride.
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