Gamer Buzz: COD Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC Pack and 3 Floyds Permanent Funeral DIPA

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On the tail of our COD: Advanced Warfare pairing, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the game’s first DLC release, the Havoc DLC Pack.

Yes, you get four new multiplayer maps, ranging from a Rocky Mountain ski resort to a ruined nuclear power plant in the Gobi Desert, and yes, you get the admittedly badass AE4 Energy Assault rifle, but let’s be honest: we’re here for the exo zombies.

“Reloading. Hey, I’m reload-forget it, run! RUN! Dammit, too late.” – Billy

The Havoc DLC has what we’ve come to expect from COD’s zombie levels, plus some new twists. Zombies? Duh. A random weapons box for the gambling addicts? Oh yeah. Exo suits? Indeed. And a movie star cast including Walking Dead cast member Jon Bernthal and John freaking Malkovich? Sold, son.

“Crap, I got some stupid crossbow!” – J
“Wait, do the arrows explode?” – B
“Yup! We’re good!” -J

COD AW Havoc DLC Zombies.jpg

It doesn’t get much better than slaying hoards of the undead with futuristic weapons and Malkovich talking shit in your ear, unless you pair it with an impeccably balanced Double IPA whose label might scare you as much as the zombies. 3 Floyds Brewing Company – Permanent Funeral is just that brew. Brewed in conjunction with the grindcore band Pig Destroyer, Permanent Funeral helped us stay cool(ish) amidst hordes of undead.

“That zombie just exploded green stuff on me. I think I need to decontaminate. No wait, they got me. I’m dead.” -Billy

The exceptionally smooth and slightly syrupy Permanent Funeral has a high ABV that will take the edge off the frightening fast game play, and like Hercules, the moderate hoppiness and the 10.5% ABV will hold you over between sips. The tropical fruit and citrus of Permanent Funeral fade to a malty sweet finish, pleasing the nose and palate without distracting your senses from the terror of exo-powered zombies vying for your flesh.

Be warned: if you down more than one or two of these awesome bombers, you might just fade out before the zombie nightmares set in.

Kick down the $15 for this expansion pack, snag a bottle of Permanent Funeral, and settle into a comfy chair. We’ll catch you online.

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