The Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone Who Knows Food Is the Best Present

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The Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone Who Knows Food Is the Best Present

Calling all last-minute holiday shoppers! If you’re participating in gift-giving this year, it’s time to make your final purchases and start wrapping. But what if you still don’t know what to get your loved ones? When in doubt, always go with food. No matter what someone already has, it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll be grateful for something to nosh on. The following are some of the food and drink-centric gifts I’m most excited about this year. Whether you’re trying to find something for someone who’s always snacking or you’re on the hunt for the ideal present for the best home cook in the family, this list has you covered.

For the constant snacker: Tochi Salmon Chips

Is it just me, or was 2022 the year of turning literally everything into a chip? Some of those snacks missed the mark, but not Tochi Salmon Chips. These crispy fish skin snacks are nutritious and gluten-free, not to mention totally delicious. The variety pack is a great way to go, but I particularly love the salted egg flavor.

For the booze-free bev drinker: Proxies Tasting Set

These days, a lot of us are trying to drink less… but that doesn’t mean we don’t want something to sip on with dinner. Luckily, there are brands like Proxies that offer delicious, wine-like, alcohol-free beverages that pair well with your favorite meals. The New Tasting Set from Proxies is the perfect way to give your booze-free buddies the opportunity to sip on some of the best alcohol-free drinks on the market.

For the perpetual drizzler: Graza Olive Oil

High-quality olive oil packaged in an easy-to-use squeeze bottle? Sign me up. Chances are, you’ve already seen Graza Olive Oil all over social media, but if you haven’t, it’s time to give it a try. This cult favorite brand offers top-quality oil, and its signature squeeze bottle makes it easy to drizzle this oil on everything.

For the coffee lover: Nam Coffee Vietnamese Coffee and Phin Filter Starter Pack

If you’re trying to encourage your loved one to retire their old Nespresso machine, you might want to get them the Nam Coffee Vietnamese Coffee and Phin Filter Starter Pack. The stainless steel phin filter makes it easy to brew a cup of strong coffee, and the coffee itself—which comes in three different varieties—is life-changing. It might hurt to give this set away, so maybe get one for yourself too.

For the party person: The Caviar Co. Gift Set

You know that person who always seems to be throwing a dinner party? If they’re seafood lovers, they’re going to go wild over a The Caviar Co. Gift Set. Several different gift set offerings allow you to choose which caviar experience your loved one will adore the most. Now let’s just hope you get an invite to their next soiree.

For the indecisive feaster: Sugarwish Customizable Snack Box

Not everyone has an easy time deciding what they want to snack on, which is why sending a Sugarwish snack box is the way to go. This gift set allows your giftee to customize their snack box so they get exactly what they want. I love this one for coworkers and acquaintances whose tastes you aren’t too familiar with.

For the whisky sipper: Starward Vitalis Single Malt Whisky

The whisky lover in your life is going to love receiving a bottle of Starward Vitalis Single Malt Whisky straight from Australia. Aged in red wine barrels, this whisky is bold, rich and viscous, delivering a punch of red currant and coffee beans to the palate.

For the foodie who wants to stay in: Kitsby x Mike Chen: Ultimate Hotpot Kit

We all have that friend who loves going out to eat who also doesn’t want to leave their house when the weather gets even slightly chilly. There’s no better gift for them than the Kitsby x Mike Chen: Ultimate Hotpot Kit, which allows them to make delicious hot pot in the comfort of their own home. With delicious hot pot soup bases and all the ingredients they need to create a special meal at home, there’s no way this kit isn’t going down as a memorable gift.

For the home cook: Olivo Amigo Aperitivo Gift Set

The person who’s always whipping up something new in the kitchen will surely be grateful for the Olivo Amigo Aperitivo Gift Set. Delicious olive oil, balsamic vinegar and Mediterranean spices can make even the most basic of dishes so much more interesting. Plus, since these are relatively accessible flavors, it works for adventurous eaters and cautious palates alike.

For the White Claw graduate: Lunar Hard Seltzer Variety Pack

There comes a day for all of us when we have to admit to ourselves that White Claw just isn’t that good. If you have a friend who is currently making that difficult transition, you can make it a little easier on them by getting them a Lunar Hard Seltzer Variety Pack. Flavors like yuzu, lychee, Korean plum and passion fruit are derived from fruits from Asia and offer a delicious respite from the artificially flavored hard seltzers of Gen Z’s college years.

Samantha Maxwell is a food writer and editor based in Boston. Follow her on Twitter at @samseating.

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