New Redfall Trailer Focuses On the Characters Driving the Story-Focused Shooter

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New Redfall Trailer Focuses On the Characters Driving the Story-Focused Shooter

Arkane Austin dropped a new trailer for their upcoming game Redfall on Thursday. One of the most anticipated games from the Xbox and Bethesda showcase a few weeks ago, Redfall is a cooperative open-world FPS from the makers of Dishonored and Prey.

Redfall focuses on a small island town in Massachusetts, which is under siege by vampires and cut off from the outside world. It can be played solo or with three other people, though it seems intended to be treated as a co-op experience first and foremost. Players will work their way through the self-described “story-focused shooter” in order to take back control of the island and solve the mystery of the vampires’ appearance.

The newest trailer introduces us to some of the main characters, including Remi de la Rosa, an engineer whose combat style seems to focus on building and deploying machines, and Leyla Ellison, “the telekinetic threat in student debt”. While there’s plenty of horror elements at play, and the game is clearly taking notes from sci-fi and horror tropes of vampire stories past, it seems clear that Redfall plans to center its enigmatic characters as well as the potentially goofy interactions between their weapons and playstyles. Overall, the trailer balances unease with a sense of humor, and shows a little more information about gameplay and individual characters’ skills than the reveal trailer a few weeks ago.

Redfall will release for Xbox Series X/S in 2023, with a day-one release on Game Pass.

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