Bloodborne PSX Demakes the Gothic Masterpiece onto PC

Old Yharnam becomes Retro Yharnam

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Bloodborne PSX Demakes the Gothic Masterpiece onto PC

Console exclusives are a rough business; sometimes your favorite game will get stuck on a dying platform and it becomes a whole rigmarole to play it. Take the console from the closet, find the cords, make sure controllers are fully charged, and when it’s finally done hours later, you may not even want to play it anymore.

Fans of From Software’s PS4 Gothic classic Bloodborne have begged and pleaded for the game to be free of the PlayStation 4 shackles and join the modern world on PC. And it finally happened! Well, sorta.

Developer Lilith Walther took it upon herself to spend 13 months working on a free release of Bloodborne PSX, a demake that borrows the aesthetics of the original PlayStation.

The game seemingly only recreates (decreates?) Yharnam, the first area of the game, but that still means it’s chock full of content. Walther lovingly copied everything from the opening credits to the boss-fights right down to how the game feels, an absolute must for Soulsborne games.

It’s downright charming looking at photos and gameplay that reduces the slimy, disturbing enemies into chunky, early-3D messes of vertices and polygons. Even the music has been thoughtfully compressed to reflect the 32-bit era the demake aims for. Thankfully, the difficulty has not been changed, so you might want to break a PS1 controller (Dualshock or not) just as often as your Dualshock 4.

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