Watch the Intense and Gritty Call of Duty: WWII Story Trailer

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Watch the Intense and Gritty Call of Duty: WWII Story Trailer

For months now, we’ve been listening to Activision and developer Sledgehammer Games talk about how Call of Duty: WWII will bring about a “boots on the ground” experience for players, all while overusing the distinct M1 Garand ping noise. Activision has a little more of both for you in the newest trailer for the game’s campaign.

The campaign follows American soldier Private Ronald “Red” Daniels, and it definitely has a cinematic feel to it—while recent installments of the Call of Duty franchise have featured bombastic blockbuster action and scenery-eating performances from the likes of Kevin Spacey and Kit Harington, this story looks a little more personal and emotional, featuring actor Josh Duhamel as Technical Sergeant William Pierson. While multiplayer is usually the main sell for CoD titles, it looks like Activision is trying to give the campaign some significant attention as well. Activision and Sledgehammer will release more information on the campaign’s characters throughout the week on the game’s official website, during what they call “A Week of Intel.”

Call of Duty: WWII held a multiplayer beta on consoles earlier this month, with a Steam-exclusive beta coming to PC players starting Sept. 29. The full game will release on Nov. 3 for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC, and along with the campaign and multiplayer, the game will also have a co-operative Zombies mode.

One more for the road: boots on the ground (ping!).

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