Danger Zone‘s Explosive New Trailer Has Echoes of Burnout‘s Crash Mode

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Danger Zone‘s Explosive New Trailer Has Echoes of Burnout‘s Crash Mode

The forthcoming game Danger Zone appears created specifically for those of us who have always wanted to drive our cars headfirst into traffic, but don’t want to deal with increasing insurance premiums. The game, developed by Three Fields Entertainment, is lovingly crafted by several former Criterion Games employees. Criterion Games is famous for their Burnout games and especially for that series’ “crash mode.” In those games, players would grab a car, drive it into traffic and attempt to cause the most collateral damage possible. Extra points were given for destroying things like oil tankers or setting Honda Civics on fire.

From the trailer, it’s looking like most of these elements remain intact. Gorgeous scenes of explosive vehicular ballet blaze across the screen as Three Fields Entertainment shows off Danger Zone’s intense gameplay. It appears the evolution of modern console computing power will serve the game well and will hopefully propel the game a few trashed intersections beyond Burnout Revenge’s last-gen attempts.

Gameplay will revolve around maneuvering your car so as to create the most damage without destroying your personal car too early. Additional pickups like coins and extra “smashbreakers” provide opportunities for extra points and increased destruction. Developers promise the game’s level of strategy will be deeper than the game’s premise would suggest. It’s a thinking man’s destruction derby.

Danger Zone will release as a digital exclusive on May 30 for PlayStation 4 and PC. Check out the trailer above.

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