E3: EA Reveals Bioware’s New Game and Goes Hard on Star Wars

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E3: EA Reveals Bioware’s New Game and Goes Hard on Star Wars

This year’s E3 press conference from Electronic Arts was largely what one might expect. With the exception of Bioware’s Anthem and a co-op prison game, A Way Out, most of the conference was dedicated to sports games and previously announced titles like Star Wars Battlefront II. A full recap and several trailers are listed below.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Nearly half of the EA show was focused on Star Wars Battlefront II and with good reason. As we’ve mentioned before, the previous game in the franchise was a little underwhelming. The new game, however, will attempt to right the Star Destroyer, as it were. Read here for a more thorough recap of this explosive trailer. Return to this far-away galaxy on November 17.


While much more was revealed during Microsoft’s press conference, fans were treated to a teaser for Bioware’s brand-new IP. It’s a pretty thrilling taste, but check out the full reveal here.

A Way Out

In a reveal that should have Halo 2 fans rejoicing the world over, A Way Out includes split-screen co-op action. In fact, the game is unplayable without a friend. While you can tag team with a buddy online to escape from prison (just like real life), there is no option to play the game alone. The initial trailer looks decidedly dramatic, and the game’s dedication to co-op is certainly admirable. Look to escape in “Early 2018.”

Madden 18

The next iteration of EA’s long-running series was announced during the conference. Few things in life are more certain than a new Madden being released every year, but it looks like EA really wants to shake up the formula this time. For the first time ever, the new game will feature a single-player campaign. Not just a create-a-player mode, but a legitimate narrative focused on a player trying to get into the NFL Draft. It has hints of being a Friday Night Lights knockoff initially, but who knows? Apparently, your character’s ability to get into the NFL will be determined by choices made by the player. We’ll see if they’re more morally-complex situations than trying to decide whether to dog fight or not. Look for the game on August 25.


Another sporty reveal from EA, FIFA 18 promises to shakeup the established formula by being “FUELED BY RONALDO.” The game will also include a single-player story similar to Madden 18 for whatever that is worth. The full game releases September 29.

NBA Live 18

Oh look, another major sports game is back for yet another year. NBA Live returns to consoles once again. The twist on this iteration is that the game will combine street ball play with actual NBA tournament action. The playable demo becomes available in August.

Need for Speed Payback

We’ve already talked about this bad boy before, so click here for our take. Or just watch the trailer below in anticipation of game’s November 10 release.

Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar

It sounds crazy now, but EA felt like they were taking a pretty big risk when they decided to green light Battlefield 1. The game has since gone on to be a success, but EA was originally afraid Americans didn’t know enough about World War I, which is a sadly reasonable fear. Thankfully, enough people cared about WWI—or were willing to buy the game, anyway—that post-release content has been a heavy focus for EA. This latest expansion takes players to the Russian front and features “the iconic women’s battalion of death.” That, along with six new maps and a new small-squad competitive mode, makes for some exciting developments along the Western (or rather Eastern) that’s anything but quiet.

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