E3: Square Enix Reveals Babylon’s Fall, The Quiet Man, More

Games News E3 2018
E3: Square Enix Reveals Babylon’s Fall, The Quiet Man, More

In a very brief E3 showcase, Square Enix revealed a couple of announcements. Unfortunately, there were no signs of trailers for highly anticipated games like the Final Fantasy VII remake or Avengers mystery project. Instead, Square showed off several already-announced games. Here are the highlights.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Square Enix opened with the ever-troubled Lara Croft, showing off Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Unlike the story trailer presented at Sunday’s Microsoft showcase, they decided to give us a gameplay demo. In it, we see a few new tricks up Lara’s sleeve as she goes stealth in the jungle.

Final Fantasy XIV Online adds Monster Hunter World to the mix

It looks like Monster Hunter World and Final Fantasy XIV Online are getting a crossover this summer. The collaboration will be bringing Rathalos, the “King of the Skies,” from Monster Hunter World to Final Fantasy XIV Online. Other Monster Hunter World characters will also join the game.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

The world of Life is Strange is adding an imaginative and delightful addition to its world in the form of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. The game features a young boy with an overactive imagination and somehow connects the first season of Life is Strange to the forthcoming second season. The game is confirmed to release for free on June 26, 2018.

Babylon’s Fall

Not much is known about this new game except that it is from the minds of Platinum Games, the same creators of NieR: Automata and Bayonetta. The trailer goes through a timeline of history before showing two armored individuals going to battle and cutting to four silhouettes standing in front of a castle. Babylon’s Fall is expected to release in 2019.

Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4 received another trailer today, this time giving us a walkthrough of the game’s extreme weather, high-diving feats, vehicles and gunplay. There is also no need to fear: Just Cause’s trademark grappling hook is still there and can handle the harsh environments. Players can look forward to Just Cause 4 when it releases on Dec. 4, 2018.

The Quiet Man

Another new game announced and shrouded in mystery is The Quiet Man. Square Enix says, “The Quiet Man takes players beyond sound and words to deliver an immersive story-driven cinematic action experience, which players can complete in one sitting, seamlessly blending high-production live action, realistic CG and pulse-pounding action gameplay.”

Other Announcements

Square Enix revealed a new trailer for both Dragon Quest XI, which is coming soon, and the forthcoming RPG Octopath Traveler. They also replayed yesterday’s trailers for Kingdom Hearts 3 and Nier: Automata on Xbox One.

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