Preview the AR Ghostbusters Game With New Ghostbusters World Gameplay Footage

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Preview the AR Ghostbusters Game With New Ghostbusters World Gameplay Footage

Get your proton packs ready: The first preview of the forthcoming augmented-reality Ghostbusters game has been released.

Ghostbusters World is a mobile game developed by Sony Pictures Entertainment, Ghost Corps and publisher 4:33. The Ghostbusters game, announced last month,, uses Google Maps’ API technology to let its users capture virtual ghouls and monsters in real-time, similar to the likes of Pokémon Go. Players will have the ability to use their in-game proton packs (and even proton shotguns) to battle and capture Ghostbusters ghosts.

Last week, the game’s developers released a 30-second video showcasing Ghostbusters World’s integrated GPS-location system. The game was then featured during the Google Keynote at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Calif.

Now, the Ghostbusters World developers have shared some of the gameplay from a Pre-Alpha build of the game, which will be on display at the Google booth on the GDC 2018 expo floor between March 21-23.

The gameplay for the game looks to be intrinsically simple: Players have to attack and capture Ghostbusters monsters, their aim being to try to get the ghosts’ energy levels below 50 percent in order to capture them (taking another cue from the Pokémon games). Meanwhile, the ghosts can counter-attack, fighting back using character-specific super powers (in this case, flailing taxi cabs) and yes, plenty of slime.

Google Maps is currently powering the mapping platform for a number of location-based mobile games. Recent rumors suggest that Google Maps could support the AR games from different franchises like The Walking Dead, Harry Potter and even Jurassic Park. With that said, all of these games (including Ghostbusters World) have yet to announce a specific release date.

In the meantime, however, watch the two-minute preview of Ghostbusters World’s gameplay below. If you ain’t afraid of no ghosts, revisit Paste’s list of seven ghosts the new female Ghostbusters aren’t afraid of, but should be, right here. Then, read Paste’s review of another Ghostbusters-inspired mobile game, written by Javy Gwaltney, right here.

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