Jack Black Started a Gaming YouTube Channel

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Jack Black Started a Gaming YouTube Channel

On Wikipedia, Jack Black is said to be “an American actor, comedian, musician and songwriter.” His page should probably be updated for accuracy, since you can now add “YouTuber” to that list.

The prominent comedy actor has started his own YouTube channel, which will be focused on gaming. He says that it’ll be “bigger than Ninja, bigger than Pewdiepie.” The channel is named “Jablinski” (full title: Jablinsky Games) and it seems like he’ll upload a new video every Friday. In the description, Black says that the channel “will have games, food and life,” adding in a pinned comment, “I just want to clarify that there is no production behind this. this is all my son. He’s holding me hostage and I can’t be tracer. help … ”

That’s all the information that’s given in the 30-second video. Nonetheless, it’s currently trending at #10 on YouTube, despite being uploaded five days ago, and has 1.36 million views. As of this writing, the channel has already gained 398,000 followers. YouTube users in the comments section of the video are overwhelmingly supportive and eager to see what Black will produce during this new adventure.

Watch Black’s first video below.

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