Hot Lava, Klei Entertainment’s “Floor is Lava” Simulator, Gets New Gameplay Trailer

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Hot Lava, Klei Entertainment’s “Floor is Lava” Simulator, Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Klei Entertainment, the studio behind charming 2D hits like Mark of the Ninja and Don’t Starve, have released a new gameplay trailer for their first-person platformer and “floor is lava” simulator, Hot Lava. Looking like a mashup of Mirror’s Edge and that one episode of Community, the trailer starts in classic Klei 2D, showing a cartoon called “Global Action Team” before transitioning its stars into rather action figure-like 3D and taking a tour through some of the game’s environments, including a house, gymnasium and a more fantastical canyon area.

Originally started as a side project early last year by one of Klei’s programmers, Mark Laprairie, the game made a splash on Reddit and was voted through Steam Greenlight to get its own page on the Steam store. But since buying the project and moving it in-house, the studio has been quiet on any updates.

The game’s original, pre-Klei trailer looks rather similar, but you do get to see different areas including offices, big mechanical factories and icy mountains. Along with the locations seen in the trailers, the game’s description on Steam promises to take you to “memories of your darkest fears.” With such a diverse range of locations already being hinted at, it’ll be interesting to see how Hot Lava maintains its immediate and unique appeal once it leaves traditional “floor is lava” areas like houses and schools.

You can sign up for the game’s beta through its official website and wishlist it on Steam. You can watch the new trailer above and see the original one below.

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