Annapurna Interactive Releases Three New Trailers for Last Stop

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Annapurna Interactive Releases Three New Trailers for Last Stop

Three new trailers were released Tuesday for Annapurna Interactive’s Last Stop, with each trailer representing different characters and environments that players will experience in-game. Available on July 22, the game follows three different perspectives, each with their own genre and tone.

Set in London, players will inhabit three different characters who are brought together through a supernatural crisis. The first trailer, “Domestic Affairs,” is a neo-noir detective thriller that follows a woman in a struggling marriage spending her energy on work and other affairs. This storyline follows a more suspenseful and mature tone.

The next trailer, titled “Paper Dolls,” resembles a Freaky Friday type plot where two men switch bodies and are forced to live one another’s lives. This storyline is more lighthearted compared to the two other trailers, and has a brighter and more comedic tone.

The final trailer “Stranger Danger” resembles the beginning of every teen horror movie. A group of three teenagers follows a mysterious man only to discover that he has supernatural powers. Suddenly, the man realizes that they are spying on them, and the teens must act quickly. This trailer gave a closer look into the supernatural powers that will likely be featured throughout the course of the game.

Last Stop will be available on the Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam this Thursday.

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