New Lord of the Rings Game on the Way from Warframe Publisher

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New Lord of the Rings Game on the Way from Warframe Publisher

Fans of Lord of the Rings rejoice—maybe, if you like Warframe. Athlon Games, publisher of Warframe, announced a partnership with Middle-Earth Enterprises on Tuesday. According to a press release from owner Leyou Tech, the new game will resemble an MMO with game-as-service features. Athlon will be working with an unannounced developer on the game.

The game’s pitch is vague at this point, and, honestly, sounds like just about every other fantasy MMO out there, only with a LotR skin. Although it’s set at some point before the actual books, just like the Shadow of Mordor games, there’s no indication that there will be any crossover.

Athlon Games specializes in free-to-play games, and their track record supports that, to an extent. They claim a community-first approach in game development, and if Warframe has one thing, it’s a loyal following. It’s seen lots of improvements since its release and despite the fact that it’s never really been in the AAA spotlight like Athlon claims this Lord of the Rings game will, it’s stuck around. That says something, doesn’t it?

If you enjoy Warframe and you like Lord of the Rings, this could be another game to add to the library. Look with your elf eyes for Athlon’s Lord of the Rings game on console and PC, eventually.

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