Mass Effect Legendary Edition Is Coming Out on May 14

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Is Coming Out on May 14

Get ready to fall in love with half of outer space again: EA has confirmed a release date for the remaster of Bioware’s Mass Effect trilogy. Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be released on May 14 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It’ll also be playable on both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, in the same way that those new systems can play pretty much any game made for their predecessors.

Legendary Edition features all three original Mass Effect games, along with all downloadable content released for them. It does not include any of the multiplayer components, though. It’s all been jazzed up in 4K Ultra HD with HDR, meaning this should be the most graphically advanced versions yet of these beloved games. We’ve come a long way from getting a headache while trying to read the impossibly small font in the first Mass Effect on our old CRTs in 2007, and with 4K TVs these always cinematic games should look even more like the movies we can’t currently go see in the theater.

To highlight the game’s new visuals, EA has released a couple of “before and after” screenshots. Here you can see how Feros, a planet from the original Mass Effect, looked in 2007 and in the new remaster, and also check out the glow up on Mass Effect 2’s spiritual assassin Thane.

Mass Effect_FEROS_3840x2160_ORIGINAL.jpg

Mass Effect Legendary Edition_FEROS_3840x2160_LEGENDARY.jpg

Mass Effect_THANE_3840x2160_ORIGINAL.jpg

Mass Effect Legendary Edition _THANE_3840x2160_LEGENDARY.jpg

To our eyes, Feros is a clear improvement on the originals, but that Thane screenshot looks like they just jacked up the clarity a bit and then added a lens flare. But then we’re but humble wordsmiths and not particularly adept at or interested in discerning new breakthroughs in graphical fidelity.

EA’s also released a few more screenshots, along with a trailer. We’ve got those for you below.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition _OMNIBLADE_3840x2160.jpg

Mass Effect Legendary Edition_REAPERS_3840x2160.jpg

Mass Effect Legendary Edition _EDENPRIME_3840x2160.jpg

Mass Effect Legendary Edition_ILLUSIVEMAN_3840x2160.jpg

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